Ladybug (Beetle) -  w/ Canopy & Tail  ( US ONLY )
Ladybug (Beetle) -  w/ Canopy & Tail  ( US ONLY )
Ladybug (Beetle) -  w/ Canopy & Tail  ( US ONLY )
Ladybug (Beetle) -  w/ Canopy & Tail  ( US ONLY )
Ladybug (Beetle) -  w/ Canopy & Tail  ( US ONLY )

Ladybug (Beetle) - w/ Canopy & Tail ( US ONLY )

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The Mambo Baby Float with sunshade cover is back with its latest style LADYBUG!

Better anti-flip properties, safety harness, and refinement to the overall design. This world-renowned anti-puncture swim float for babies and toddlers now comes with a UPF50+ UV proof canopy to protect your baby's sensitive skin from harsh sun rays while they're blissfully floating about. 

It features a Patented Design specifically For Baby Swim Training and introducing them to water for the first time. Meets European/Aus/NZ/USA/UK Safety Standards.


*For 3months to 24months


Product Features:

  • Suitable for babies up from¬†3¬†months - 2 years old (6-18kg)

  • AUS/NZ 1900:2014 Flotation aids for water familiarization and swimming tuition.

  • Attachable canopy with SunSmart UV Protection 50+
  • 5 Point Safety - NEW¬†button lock catch and larger harness vest¬†so the baby doesn't slip when they are paddling.¬†Two-button hole and velcro to adjust. Double safety clasp, dual protection safety. It consists of a multiple harness system that is easy to use.¬†Thick padded adjustable crotch and chest strap. Extra security with leg supports to avoid the baby slipping out or flipping forward. It can¬†use repeatedly and for a long time. Built for strong durability.¬†Upgraded into 2 swim ways: breaststroke and backstroke¬†

  • Anti-flip design.¬†This baby trainer pool float has widened¬†sides for maximum buoyancy and the front of the float is heightened to avoid tipping over. Your¬†baby will be able to see and touch water by hand, the front is not high and there is a groove to their put chin on comfortably. No risk of accidental¬†tipping in any direction. You can also place your baby backward for a lying position.




  • DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILD UNATTENDED AT ANY TIME USING THIS PRODUCT. It is designed with safety in mind, but parents' supervision for any water activity is always required. It is¬†highly recommended¬†an adult is within arms reach at all times
  • Please¬†do not take off¬†the plastic cover inside the float¬†
  • Warning will not protect against drowning. Use only under constant supervision.



The Ladybug (Beetle) - w/ Canopy & Tail ( US ONLY ) is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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