Age Guide For Mambobaby Swim Float

The Mambobaby float is specifically designed for baby's comfort and safety. Constructed with High-Quality Pearl Foam that is moisture-proof, yet extremely breathable, lightweight with superior buoyancy, this float introduces infants and toddlers to the water in a safe and fun way.

But, which float is perfect for your baby?

Consider your baby's age and weight in choosing the right float. Each baby is different, some are bigger or smaller for their age.

Here's our recommended guide for each age, weight and milestone:


Neck Float

Neck float is suitable for newborns from 0 - 12 months old with weight limit 12kg. Dual adjustable buckles at the back of the ring to suit all infant sizes. It comes in 2 sizes, 9cm medium aged 0-8months and 10.5cm large 8-12months.


Seat Float

Suitable for babies from 4 - 24 months or when baby can lift their neck. Minimum weight 6kg. Maximum weight 18kg.


Chest Float

Built with widened sides for maximum buoyancy and a heightened front to remove all risk of accidental tipping over in any direction, Mambobaby chest float are the most sought after swimming float. It has a safety lock and harness system to ensure your baby doesn't slip when they are vigorously paddling.

Suitable for 3-24months. Weight 6-18kg.


Waist Float

Children can freely move their arms and legs, giving them the freedom to paddle and splash. With elastic fabric and safety buckle, this float might be what you are looking for. Choose from 3 of our unique designs:

Baby waist armpit float is suitable for 3 to 10 months

Waist Shoulder Float is suitable for 8 - 36 months

Underarm Float is suitable for toddler age 2 to 5yrs old


Arm Float

Your kids will love the independence of the Mambobaby Arm Float as they learn to use their feet and arms, all without being dunked in the water. The swim vest keeps their head afloat and give them a sense of security, which makes kids practice their swimming without fear. They can deliberately dip their head into the water and become more confident.

Recommended for age 2 to 6yrs old with maximum weight of 30kg.